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Professor Annabelle Duncan

Photo of Professor Annabelle DuncanThe Vice-Chancellor is appointed by Council as the University's Chief Executive Officer and is also the University's principal academic officer.  The Vice-Chancellor is supported and assisted by a team of senior executives, who provide strategic, policy and operational advice relating to their individual portfolios.

Professor Annabelle Duncan is Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of the University of New England.  She joined the University in September 2010, initially as Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and then as Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Prior to joining UNE, Professor Duncan spent 16 years in the CSIRO, including six years as Chief of the Division of Molecular Science.  She has also served in managerial roles within the Bio21 Institute at University of Melbourne and AgriBio Institute at La Trobe University.

Professor Duncan acted as an advisor to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on biological weapons control, representing Australia at international arms control meetings and acting as a biological weapons inspector with the United Nations in Iraq.

She was awarded a Public Service Medal in 1996, and Honorary Doctor of Science (DSc) from Murdoch University in 2005 for her work in arms control.

Professor Mark Perry

Photo of Professor Mark PerryProfessor Mark Perry is the Chair of UNE’s Academic Board.

The Chair of Academic Board provides governance oversight of the Academic Board and its committees, and through them provides guidance and advice to the Vice-Chancellor and UNE’s Council members.

Professor Perry’s research work sits at the nexus of science and law. He joined UNE in 2012 as Professor of Law, and remains an Emeritus Professor in two disciplines, Computer Science and Law, at Western University, Ontario, Canada, where he worked prior to UNE.

His expertise lies in biotechnology innovation law, large computer system interactions, and agricultural data. His research has focused on intellectual property and lab science projects, with recent work focusing on patents in molecular biology and cloud frameworks.

He has contributed to and led multi-million dollar research projects in Australia and Canada, and worked as a research administrator in his chosen fields for more than a decade.

Prof. Perry is an International Academy, Research and Industry Association (IARIA) Fellow, the main criterion for which is “outstanding scientific research results endorsed by international peers”.

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