Records Management Office

The Records Management Office (RMO) is a unit of Legal & Governance. RMO provides the Records Management program for UNE, facilitated by a recordkeeping framework to ensure that the University retains evidence of business transactions and meets its legislative recordkeeping requirements.  RMO leads the management of the University's records and information through excellence in service delivery, innovation and championing best practice, as well as promoting and providing access to the Electronic Document & Records Management system (EDRMS), HP TRIM. 

RMO is responsible for the decentralised management of the University's official records and provides support to all areas of the University in fulfilling their responsibilities under the State Records Act 1998, from records creation to disposal.

The RMO Team maintain the electronic and hardcopy files in HP TRIM for use by faculties, schools and business units across the University, as well as servicing the recordkeeping requirements of the University's executive management.