Academic Board Meeting Dates


19 February 2018Academic Board9am
13 March 2018Academic Board Standing Committee10am
23 April 2018Academic Board9am
28 May 2018Academic Board Standing Committee11am
18 June 2018Academic Board9am
10 July 2018Academic Board Standing Committee10am
13 August 2018Academic Board9am
11 September 2018Academic Board Standing Committee10am
15 October 2018Academic Board9am
13 November 2018Academic Board Standing Committee10am
3 December 2018Academic Board9am


18 February 2019Academic Board9am
12 March 2019Academic Board Standing Committee10am
15 April 2019Academic Board9am
14 May 2019Academic Board Standing Committee11am
17 June 2019Academic Board9am
9 July 2019Academic Board Standing Committee10am
19 August 2019Academic Board9am
10 September 2019Academic Board Standing Committee10am
21 October 2019Academic Board9am
5 November 2019Academic Board Standing Committee10am
2 December 2019Academic Board9am

Academic Board meetings are usually held in Room 224 of the Education Building, E07 from 9.00am to 11.00am.

Academic Board Standing Committee meetings are usually held in the Council Room, Booloominbah, S011 from 10.00am to 11.30am.

To confirm meeting times and location, please contact

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