Student Representative Election

Elections have now closed. The new Student Representatives to Academic Board are listed below. Terms will commence on the 18 June 2018 (which is the day of the first Academic Board meeting held under the new terms of reference).

Postgraduate higher degree research (HDR) student representative

Mrs Dwi (Danti) Asianti

Postgraduate coursework student representatives

Ms Anne-Marie Lacaze

Undergraduate student representatives

Mrs Penny Leary

Mr Koady Williams

More information about being a student representative on Academic Board

The Academic Board is the University's peak academic governance body, responsible under Section 21 of the University of New England By-law 2005 for reporting to Council and advising '… the Council and the Vice-Chancellor on all developments and initiatives relating to and affecting the University's teaching and research activities and its educational programs.'

A revised Terms of Reference for the Academic Board, which incorporates a change in functions, and a revised membership aligned to the new academic structure, has recently been approved by the Council.

The role of the student representatives on Academic Board is to provide the student voice in debate and discussion of academic governance, quality assurance, policy, strategy and integrity issues, which the board deals with. There is the opportunity for students to contribute to a student report to each Board meeting. The Academic Board meets on a Monday morning (usually 9 am -11 am), six times per year, for two hours. Skype details are available to off-campus student members to enable them to participate in meetings remotely. The remaining dates for 2018 are 18 June, 13 August, 15 October and 3 December.

The membership of the Academic Board includes the University's senior academic management, elected academic staff from each Faculty and professional staff.

For further information on the UNE Academic Board please visit the website, or contact the Returning Officer, Mrs Gabrielle Price on

Information for prospective nominees

Nominees must be enrolled students (i.e. currently enrolled or granted an intermission by the University). Students who are not enrolled in the current teaching period and who are without an approved leave of absence, are ineligible to stand for election. Non-award students and students who are UNE employees with 50% or more work load are also ineligible to stand for these vacancies.

The term of office of the newly elected members is for 2 years, ending before the first last Academic Board meeting of 2020 (usually scheduled for February).

A nomination must be endorsed by two enrolled students from the same constituent group (i.e. either undergraduate, or postgraduate HDR or postgraduate coursework). The students proposing and seconding a nomination must independently verify their support for the nomination.

Nominations are now open and will need to be submitted by 5 pm Friday, 13th April 2018, and consist of:

  • the name, student number and email address of the Nominee;
  • the UNE course in which the nominee is currently enrolled (to indicate whether they are standing for election as an undergraduate or postgraduate HDR student member);
  • the name, student number and email address of the student nominating the nominee;
  • the name, student number and email address of the student seconding the nomination; and
  • a short candidate statement explaining to the student body why the nominee wishes to be considered for election to Academic Board.

There are three forms to be completed electronically for each nomination: one by the nominee, another by the proposer or nominator, and the third by the seconder of the nomination. Nominations will only be accepted once all forms are submitted. Please discuss your nomination with all parties (i.e. nominee, nominator, seconder) before submission. All eligible students will have received an email with a link to the nomination forms.

Should an election be required, it is anticipated that this will be conducted from Tuesday, 17th April 2018 to Tuesday, 1st May 2018.

Some ways you might be able to connect with fellow students to support your nomination include:
- by contacting your unit coordinator (for postgraduate coursework students);
- by connecting with other postgraduate students in any online unit(s) (for postgraduate coursework students);
- by contacting the English Language Centre (ELC) if you are an International student;
- by connecting with other students, including current Academic Board representatives, via the Student Academic Representative Group (SARG) pages in Moodle. Please be aware that you will need to self-enrol to access the Moodle site by entering student login and password details; and
- you might also consider connecting with other students via the UNE Student Association (UNESA).

All current students are invited to provide feedback to the student representatives on the Academic Board on academic governance issues via the Student Academic Reference Group (SARG) Moodle site. Further information regarding the Academic Board is also available via the University’s website.

Kind regards,

Gabrielle Price

Returning Officer

Academic Board Elections