Professional Staff Representative Election

Opening soon...

Elections for Professional Staff Representative

Shortly, eligible professional staff (HEO6-10) will receive a email calling for nominations from those who wish to be considered for election to the Academic Board for a term of 3 years. This will also be notice that elections for this position will be held following the call for nominations period, assuming there are more than one eligible candidate for the position.

The Academic Board is the University's peak academic governance body, responsible under Section 21 of the University of New England By-law 2005 for reporting to Council and advising '… the Council and the Vice-Chancellor on all developments and initiatives relating to and affecting the University's teaching and research activities and its educational programs.'

The Academic Board Terms of Reference requires two members of the professional staff HEO6 to HEO10 to be elected to the Board. Nominations will shortly be called from eligible professional staff for the following elected position on the Academic Board:

  • 1 x representative of HEO6 - HEO10 level professional staff.

To be eligible for election, staff:

  • must be a current HEO6 - HEO10 professional staff member;
  • must be employed on a continuing basis or on a fixed-term basis with sufficient service remaining to fulfil their period of office (approx. 3 years, until 9am on the day of the first Board meeting of 2023);
  • will need to have arranged a supporting 'nominator' and 'seconder' from among the eligible professional staff; and
  • will be asked to make a declaration that they are a fit and proper person under the TEQSA Act and ESOS Act.

The call for nominations will open shortly and nominations (and confirmation emails of the nomination from the nominator and seconder) are requested by 5 pm Wednesday, 4 December 2019 via the link in the email received by eligible staff. Nominations may not be withdrawn after this date.

If the number of accepted nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, an election will be called following the close of nominations. If the number of accepted nominations does not exceed the number of vacancies to be filled, the Returning Officer shall declare the persons nominated to be elected.

If eligible professional staff from would like to discuss their nomination and potential role on the Board, please contact the Chair of Academic Board, Professor Mark Perry via by email or phone (x2910) prior to the close of nominations. Questions may also be directed to the Deputy Returning Officer, Ms Jenny Croaker, Senior Secretariat Officer, or by telephone on x4359.

Elected Professional Staff Members

Professional staff member, HEO6-HEO10 (term ends at the commencement of the first Board meeting of 2020)

Mrs Annette Stevenson

Professional staff member, HEO6-HEO10 (term ends at the commencement of the first Board meeting of 2021)

Ms Carmel Velleley