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Bachelor of Business - Jane Stent
Jane Stent

UNE Business School student Jane Stent from Scone, is an exemplary second year studying a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Professional Accounting and Applied Finance). In addition to receiving support through the 2015 Vice-Chancellor’s Scholars program, Jane has been awarded a prestigious Royal Agricultural Society Foundation (RASF) Scholarship. The RASF provides these scholarships to help rural Australians realise their potential through education, make a difference in their community and achieve their ambitions.

When Jane (24) heard of her success she wrote, “To know that my passion for rural Australia, and a wish to one day be able to contribute to rural communities using the knowledge I have attained through my tertiary education, has been recognised in my being awarded an RASF Scholarship is amazing. I have never found that living in a rural area has interfered with my access to study; it is scholarships like the RASF Scholarship (and universities like UNE!) that make this access to a quality tertiary education possible for students Australia-wide.”Dr Lou Conway interviewed Jane recently, asking her about her studies and her career ambitions.

How did you come to study with the UNE Business School?

Quite by accident, actually! I initially completed one year of a B Arts/B Laws at ANU in Canberra on finishing school, but decided quickly the law was not for me. I found myself in North Queensland for two years, governessing on a cattle station near Julia Creek and pondering what I wished to do with my life, after which I returned to my home town of Quirindi to assess my options. By chance I landed a trainee accountant position at a firm in Quirindi; I am so thankful they took a chance on me as I enjoyed it from the outset and it was the catalyst to my starting the Bachelor of Business externally through UNE. Since then, I have moved on to a full-time role as a Dealers Assistant at Morgans in Scone, a stockbroking firm, and am now in the second year of my degree.

Why did you choose accounting and finance, what do you like about your study?

Accounting & finance are the core of business and go hand in hand for obvious reasons. I initially chose accounting purely because I was working as a trainee accountant at the time, but have grown to love its practical and logical nature, particularly financial accounting. Finance is something that has always interested me, specifically investing; there’s something a bit exciting about watching the rises and falls in the stock market and investigating the reasons behind them. I’m lucky enough to be working for two very talented brokers at the moment who are definitely fostering this passion, whether they realise it or not! 

How do you imagine your career evolving?

I am still in the early stages of my degree and have never really been a “five year plan” kind of person, but would definitely describe myself as a driven & passionate individual, so who knows! I’m sure as my study progresses I will have more of an idea about the specifics of where I’d like to go; it would be great to get a foot in the door of one of Australia’s larger corporate institutions at some point for experience’s sake. I am a country girl at heart, and hope to one day be able to use my knowledge to contribute to rural communities and businesses, hopefully with my own business (why not?)! I’m constantly inspired by the success of women like Shemara Wikramanayake & Gail Kelly, though that’s raising the bar fairly high …

Congratulations Jane, an amazing achievement both academically and professionally!