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Information on the Innovation Challenge, contact information, ideas for brainstorming, competition categories, how to enter, event details and program and judging criteria.

2015 Business Challenge

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Connecting the Innovation Challenge to HSC Syllabus Outcomes

The Innovation Challenge can be linked to the following HSC outcomes for Business Studies per the BOSTES website.  Our program for UNE's ThePitch! Competiton & Showcase has been built with these specific outcomes in mind.

Participation in this activity will help to demonstrate the student:

  • H1 critically analyses the role of business in Australia and globally
  • H6 evaluates the effectiveness of management in the performance of businesses
  • H7 plans and conducts investigations into contemporary business issues
  • H8 organises and evaluates information for actual and hypothetical business situations
  • H9 communicates business information, issues and concepts in appropriate formats

As well as addressing following stated key competencies:

  • collecting, analysing and organising information
  • communicating ideas and information
  • solving problems.
  • planning and organising activities
  • working with others and in teams
  • using mathematical ideas and techniques
  • using technology

Coaching Innovative Ideas from your Students

There are many online resources to use that can help to spark the imaginations of your students - we've pulled together a few suggestions to get things rolling!


"How to Sell Your Ideas in Less Than 3 Minutes" - Peter Cohan,

"Here are the best startup pitches we've ever seen" - Business Insider Australia

"How to Pitch an Idea" -


10 Self-Made Teenage Entrepreneurs

iPhone application developer... and 6th grader

2 minute lightning pitches