Work Integrated Learning in line with current Career Development Practice

WORK300/WORK500 is a unit you can elect to do as part of your undergraduate degree which will enhance your learning and give you a leading edge when it comes to employment.

This unit is designed to provide professional skills development with 120 hours of hands-on work experience combined with tailor made assessment tasks. This unit gives you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and learning to workplace issues. Increasingly employers are looking for students who have undertaken professional skills development to demonstrate their workplace skills.

Note that if you are already in employment you may still elect to undertake WORK300/WORK500 as part of your degree. You can enrol in WORK300/WORK500 in any Trimester.

Examples of Work Based Assessment

Students work with their academic supervisor to identify projects/assignments they can use to assess the knowledge gained from the work experience.

Typical assessment tasks that can be undertaken include:

  • Reflective journal or diary to record what the student learns about themself, the workplace, their potential career options, and the links between formal learning and real life.
  • Marketing plan.
  • Market research.
  • Review of organisational training program.
  • Review of organisational design.
  • Communication audit to map organisation wide communication patterns.
  • Analysis of a particular business process or activity needed to be performed, e.g. research into and evaluation of a new recruitment agency to be adopted by the organisation.

Supervision and Further Information

If you would like to undertake WORK300 (for undergraduates) or WORK500 (for postgraduates) you will need to complete the enrolment process through the Careers Office. As part of that process, you also need to find an academic in your relevant discipline to discuss your negotiate your proposed assessment or get some guidance on the assessment to undertake.

For further information about enrolling in WORK300 or WORK500, please contact:

UNE Career Development
02 6773 2897

Research has identified the following benefits of undertaking some form of professional development, such as WORK300:

  • improved learning, analytical thinking and problem solving;
  • increased self-efficacy, motivation and confidence;
  • professional skills and behaviours such as communication and leadership skills;
  • enhanced job knowledge and work experience;
  • access to professional networks, potential referees and future work; and
  • increased commitment to educational goals.

The following are reflections from students who have undertaken WORK300/WORK500:

Although I held part-time jobs throughout full-time study, I had never worked in a professional workplace setting. I learnt a lot through observation of others at work, including (but not limited to) colleague interaction and support, email protocol and etiquette, presentation of self in front of clients.

(Annie, Bachelor of Commerce)

It has opened my eyes a lot and given me confidence in interacting with others in an unfamiliar environment, thus helping me impress employers and stand out from other applicants.

(Georgie, Bachelor of Commerce)

It provided me with an opportunity to meet women who are leaders in the business world and learn from their experiences and about the industry. Furthermore, it instilled me with greater confidence when in formal professional settings and in speaking to professionals.

(Alice, Bachelor of Business)

This unit gave me the opportunity to transfer what I had learned in the classroom to a true professional setting. Not only was the unit very enjoyable, but it helped to increase and solidify a lot of theory that I had studied at university and truly enhanced my learning experience. I would recommend this unit without hesitation.

(Trent, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business)

I chose WORK300 in my second year of my undergraduate degree as a way to develop practical skills and work with companies within my specific field of study. The experience gained from working in a professional working environment is definitely something I would recommend to any student wanting to explore WORK300 and grow their working resume. My assessment for the unit consisted of a comparison essay, journal and portfolio of the work and references I obtained whilst on work experience. I even used my portfolio at a job interview and landed a job as a graphic designer.

(Naomi, Bachelor of Communications (Media and Culture))