A number of resources are provided here to help you think of a business idea and decide whether you want to operate a business of your own.

Business Idea

Addressing these questions can help you think of ideas for a business

  • What are you passionate about? Can you share it with others in return for money?
  • What are you good at doing from which others can benefit e.g. advising others, computer programming and so on?
  • Have you been travelling? Did you find something overseas that is not available in Australia?
  • Are people in other countries interested in something uniquely Australian?
  • Have you come across something on television, the internet or other sources that you can turn into a business?
  • Do you know of a problem that is not currently being adequately addressed?

You do not need an out of space business idea to succeed. You can do things bigger, better, faster and more efficiently than others

Some useful web sites on generating good business ideas

Some lessons from successful small business owners.

Some of the lessons that business owners have shared as underlying their successes include:

  • Talking to successful business owners and finding a good mentor
  • Focusing on their strengths
  • Empowering their team and employees to critique the status quo, make challenging decisions, and contribute to implementing change
  • Creating a culture of honesty
  • Surrounding themselves with positive people
  • Outsourcing work in areas where they do not have a strength; and
  • Being proactive – aiming for growth

Read the inspiring stories from successful business owners from these web addresses: