Design Workshop

PRJ-011566 - Co-designed Scoping study to unlock the power of digital
Date6 November 2019
Time10:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00
LocationFood Agility CRC, Sydney
Participants18 participants drawn from livestock managers, growers and technology providers

Title: “Unleashing the Power of Digital in Chicken Meat Supply Chains”

Questions to answer:

  1. Which data has the power?
  2. What is it worth to us?
  3. Do we have it? How do we get it? How do we use it better?
  4. What do we need to know before unleashing the power?

This workshop will be professionally curated and will employ Design Thinking, which begins with a vision for “what success looks like” and then establishes the steps to be taken to achieve that success.  Things that are known and unknown, and the data and research needed to make them known, will be illuminated along the way.