Preparing your Business Plan - Resources

Templates and tools for writing your business plan

Business Plan Requirements Explained

This document explains in greater detail what is required for each section of the business plan. It will be good to address as many sections as possible in your business plan. However, if a section does not apply to your business idea you need to state this with a short reason.

Templates for Financial Plans

The templates in this document are for the financial plans. They include a balance sheet, income statement and cash budget. You are welcome to use them for your plans if you wish. Again, you need to be selective as to the items that apply to your specific business idea. You should add items that apply to your business but are not listed in the templates and exclude those that do not apply. There are other templates on the web sites presented below. Use the templates that are most suitable for your idea and business plan.


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The Australian Government Business Support Website

The web address below will take you to the Australian Government Business Support website. This page has a business plan template and guidelines for preparing a business plan. These resources should help you organise your business plan and prepare information that should go to each section of the plan. Note that the template covers most, but not all the requirements in the business plan guidelines for this competition. Nonetheless, the information provided from these resources, especially the financial plan will be very helpful for preparing your business plan:

Business Plan Template & Guide

On the same web page you will find more information on business planning. This page has more useful tips on writing a business plan:

How to write a Business Plan

If you are interested in writing other plans, such as a marketing or succession plan, you will find more information about these via this link:

Templates & tools

The Entrepreneur

The ‘Entrepreneur’ is a US website that provides information for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. It has useful information on writing a business plan, especially what to include in various sections of the plan. Again you must be selective in your use of information from this website to write the business plan for the competition as not all the information will apply to the requirements for the competition.

Elements of a Business Plan

National Australian Bank (NAB)

The National Australian Bank also has a page on how to prepare a business plan with useful tips on accessing, organising and presenting information for various sections of the business plan.

How to write a Business Plan