UNE Business School Seminars 2015

UNEBS Seminars 2015 (Updated 14/12/2015)

Presentation DateTimeVenueSpeakerSeminar Title
12/01/201511:00AMLT3Professor Alex Frino"CEO Narcissism and Earnings Management "
6/03/201512:30PMLT5Professor Robert Faff"Pitching Research"
19/03/20153:00PMLT1Dr. Ray Collins"Value in Collaboration: Opportunities for Closer Links between Schools of Business and Schools of Agriculture"
20/03/201512:30PMLT5Dr. Michael Kortt"Population size, density and urban government expenditure: Evidence from the Sydney metropolitan area"
27/03/20152:00PMLT5Professor Lin Crase and Dr. Bethany Cooper"Understanding and Measuring the Amenity and Ecological Value of Urban Waterways"
8/04/20151:00PMLT5Professor Rui Marques"Sustainability of Urban Water Services: Scorecards and Roadmaps"
8/05/201512:00PMLT5Professor Gabriel Donleavy“The General Theory of Accounting Project - A Progress Report"
15/05/201512:00PMLT5Professor John Rice"The Determinants of CEO Support for Board Decisions in the Not-for-profit Context"
29/05/20151:00PMLT5Professor Oscar Cacho"Designing Effective Policies for Climate-Smart Agriculture by Combining Evidence and Modelling"


10:30AMLT5Dr. Shawn Leu"Financial Integration in Asia"


10:30AMLT5Professor Balasingham Balachandran"Powerful CEO and Stock Price Crash Risk"
10/09/20152:00PMLT3Professor Abbas Valadkhani"Self-Exciting Effects of House Prices on Unit Prices in Australian Capital Cities"


1:00PMLT4Professor Christopher O'Donnell"John Dillon Memorial Lecture - Is Productivity Growth Bad?"
18/09/201510:30AMLT5Mr Kodjo Kondo"Count Model Selection and Post-Estimation to Evaluate Composite Flour Technology Adoption in Senegal (West Africa)"


10:30AMLT5Mr Jim McFarlane"Is Technological Unemployment in Australia a Reason for Concern?"


12:00PMLT5Professor Steve Hall"Communities, the Mining Industry and Government – The Need to Find Common Ground"


12:00PMLT2Associate Professor George Battese"Jack Makeham Memorial Lecture - Factors Influencing the Productivity and Efficiency of Wheat Farmers in Punjab, Pakistan"


12:00PMLT2Professor Arye L. Hillman“Protecting ideology: Belief in the benevolence of government and the challenge of politically assigned rents”


12:00PMLT2Professor Garry Griffith"Developing New Value Chains for Small-Scale and Emerging Cattle Farmers in South Africa"


11:00AMLT2Professor Jacques Trienekens“Organisational Innovation in Agriculture and Food Chains: Towards Sustainable and Market Orientated Business Networks”