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Accounting and Finance

NameResearch areas
Dr Omar Al Farooque Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting and Disclosure, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting, Capital Market Investment and Financial Services.
Dr John Anderson

Financial markets, banking, futures markets, financial trading models, funds management and corporate finance.

Dr Leopold Bayerlein Financial Reporting, Financial Reporting Quality (Including Earning Management/Smoothing, Value Relevance, Disclosure Quality), Communication Processes in Financial Reporting, Environmental Reporting.
Professor Gabriel DonleavyCash flow statements, academic accounting management structures, the origins of fair value accounting, criticisms of stakeholder theory, accounting measurement and alternatives to subjective estimation, evolving a general theory of accounting, third sector management. To date, I have published 40 refereed articles, many papers and 6 books.
Dr Michelle Goyen Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), ethical investment,valuation and measurement in accounting.
Dr Ashfaq Khan Institutional theory and organisational change dynamics, small business management, microfinance, poverty, and poverty alleviation strategies.
Associate Professor Bernice Kotey Small business management, entrepreneurship and regional development.
Dr Kamaljeet Sandhu Information Systems Adoption, Management Accounting and Corporate Governance Adoption, and E-Learning Acceptance at Universities.
Professor Jason West

Financial mathematics; Portfolio theory; Commodities

Dr Subba Reddy Yarram Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Financial Services, Financial development of emerging markets.

Applied Economics

NameResearch areas

Dr Muhammad Masood Azeem

Agribusiness, Supply Chain Management, Regional Development, Poverty and Vulnerability Analysis

Professor Derek Baker Measurement and analysis of food industry performance, particularly in the development of empirical value chain analysis.
Dr George E Battese Efficiency and productivity analysis; stochastic frontier analysis.
Professor Oscar Cacho

Economics of Biosecurity, Climate change adaptation and mitigation, Bioeconomics of agriculture and natural resources, Risk analysis.

Dr Peter Carberry Supervising Economics PhD students.
Dr George S. Chen New Economic Geography. Specifically, empirical investigations of the applications of New Economic Geography in areas such as social welfare, trade policy, tax policy and regional policy.
Professor Brian Dollery

Topics for Research for Economics, Finance and Structure of Australian Local Government:

  1. Is bigger better? As the biggest council in Australia, how does Brisbane City Council performance compare with other large Queensland councils?
  2. Are there economies of scale in NSW local government service provision?
  3. Are there economies of scope in NSW local government service provision?
  4. Analyze the relationship between financial sustainability ratios and local government size (by population) in an Australian state local government system.
  5. Did the Queensland amalgamation program improve the financial sustainability of Queensland councils?
  6. Analyze the impact of the establishment of the forcibly amalgamated Tamworth Regional Council on small centres which used to have their own councils, like Manila and Nundle.
  7. Why is the Hunter Regional Organisation of Councils so successful?
  8. How should local government services be provided in western NSW?

Topics fo Research for Public Finance:

  1. On current trends, the proportion of Commonwealth outlays on health welfare and related 'social expenditure' will inevitably absorb all revenues. What are the trends in Australian Government outlays and how do they compare with other comparable OECD countries?
  2. A small literature exists on Australian Government failure, which has examined the home insulation program, the Greens Loans scheme, the Building the Education Revolution (BER) program, and the like. This research topic will examine further programs initiated by the Commonwealth Government, such as its subsidies to domestic motor manufacturers and the 2008 stimulus program.
Professor Euan Fleming Research Leader, Analysis of Changes in Productivity and Prices of Commodities in Tropical Developing Countries. Commonwealth Secretariat, London.
Dr David Hadley

My principal research areas are concerned with the valuation of ecosystem goods and services and economic assessment methodologies that incorporate these valuations (predominately cost-benefit analysis). My focus has been on 'wet' ecosystems; wetlands, river water quality and marine and coastal environments. I also have a further strand of research based in efficiency and productivity analysis; particularly with respect to agricultural production, and with the incorporation of environmental externalities into measures of productivity. I am also involved in several projects that measure efficiency and productivity in more conventional ways.

Dr Susan Hester Biosecurity Economics.
Dr Nam Hoang Econometrics, Time-Series and Panel Data Modelling, Macroeconomics.
Dr Shawn LeuApplied macroeconometrics, international finance, monetary economics, and open economy macroeconomics.
Emeritus Professor Amarjit Kaur Economic and social change in southeast Asia/Asia; economic development and the environment in southeast Asia; International labour mobility and migration - Asia/southeast Asia; international labour migration: highly-skilled workers; low skilled workers; gendered migration; domestic workers; unauthorised migration; forced migration: refugee movements; human trafficking; immigration governance and migration apparatus; integration of migrants; migration and remittances.
Professor Christopher Lloyd History of Australia's political economy - regimes of capitalist regulation, Philosophy and methodology of social science history, Historical geopolitics and economic history – longrun interactions of geopolitics, economies, and environments, History of Social Democratic Welfare Capitalism, Socio-economic evolution theory and Comparative histories of settler economies, including indigenous participation and hybridity.
Dr Stuart Mounter Impact assessment and the distribution of benefits from technological change, advertising programs and government policies; price formation in food and fibre markets; value chain analysis; wine economics.
Dr L. Emilio Morales

Lecturer in Agribusiness/Agricultural Economics, Value Chain Analysis, Agricultural Markets Modelling, Marketing Systems and Trade Policies Analysis, Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay.

Dr Jonathan MossAgricultural and resource economics, spatial econometrics, wine economics, bioeconomics, spatial optimisation of managed ecosystems and the emerging carbon markets.
Dr Tony Ramsay

International political economy; labour market economics and employment output; socialised investment and infrastructure renewal; history of international economic policy change; and, business, labour and governmental relations.

Associate Professor Phillip Simmons Conduct and performance of agribusiness markets in developing countries; Contracting arrangements between farmers and agribusiness firms; Zoonotic animal disease control; Non-performance in agricultural futures and options markets.
Professor Mahinda Siriwardana Economics, especially in the fields of Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling and trade policy analysis.
Associate Professor Rene Villano

Agricultural economics, applied econometrics and development economics. Current and previous higher degree research supervisions include efficiency and productivity analyses in agriculture, local government, health services, and education; adoption studies, impact assessments; value chain analysis; poverty and food security analyses.


NameResearch areas
Dr Sujana Adapa

Corporate social responsibility, Communication Information, Systems research, Destination branding, Cross-cultural studies.

Dr Simon Burgess Professional ethics, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility.
Dr Mary L. (Lou) Conway Regional development and the role of government, public policy and business in regional communities.
Professor Ray Cooksey Judgment and decision making in management & education; complexity theory in organisational systems, leadership & behaviour; multimethodology and mixed methods systems; mental models in policy formation,implementation and decision making.
Dr Valerie DaltonMy major areas of interest include organisational learning for sustainability which is my PhD subject. I am also interested in the application of cognitive science and complexity theories to understanding individuals and their organisations.
Associate Professor Josie Fisher Business Ethics, Professional Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Sustainability, the inter-connections between these areas and Marketing and Strategy, and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.
Adjunct Professor Kay Harman Higher education and research policy, academic culture and work, researcher-industry links, technology and knowledge transfer, research training, and doctoral education, the professional development of university managers and new researchers, public sector management and leadership, and research methods in education and management.
Associate Professor Muayyad Jabri Management education; the management of organisational change.
Dr Peter McClenaghan The influence of personal values on leadership behaviour. Leadership development program design, implementation and evaluation. Communities of Practice design, implementation and evaluation. In-depth qualitative research approaches including interviews, shadowing and observation and case study research.
Dr Donella Piper

Personal skills for the workplace, Communication for business and the professions, Communication for professionals (managing toxic work environments), Managing across cultures, Managing organisational apology: Balancing organisational risk and organisational relationships, Overseas study experience (China).

Dr Jennifer Rindfleish Consumer Culture, Gender in Organisations, Knowledge Management.
Professor Alison Sheridan Regional governance, gender and leadership, business in a regional context and regional development.
Dr Theresa Smith-Ruig

Exploring the career development of various professional groups (accounting/finance, women in rural/regional areas); leadership in local government; diversity management; work-integrated learning and career development learning; and leadership of not-for-profit organisations.