Sami's Story

Why did you choose to study your specific degree?
I have a great passion for wildlife and the environment particularly endangered apex species so I started studying Bachelor of Zoology majoring in Ecology in 2012. However at the end of 2014 I decided to change to a straight Bachelor of Ecology as I found the available units aligned with my personal interests and believe it will give me greater exposer to the industry that I wish to work in the near future.

Best thing about UNE?
I was lucky enough to travel to Bhutan earlier this year to study Himalayan Ecology and Biogeography. An amazing experience that enabled me to gain vast knowledge and appreciation of the ecology and incredible wildlife of Bhutan and the Himalayas. I left Bhutan knowing this is the field I want to work in and that I am following my heart.

Career Aspirations?
Don't have any set plans yet keeping my options open, but I'd like to look at my postgraduate options and see where they take me. I definitely want to work with wildlife in some form and more particularly with large apex species.