A scientist has a diverse range of career opportunities available to them, often exciting and completely removed from the mould of the science you may be completing at school. Nearly every biological process that you can think of is underpinned by scientific principles; therefore a career in science allows you to work in any field you desire. Are you excited by exercise and human performance- you could become an exercise scientist; maybe you would prefer improving the health of people through making and dispensing health promoting medications- you could become a pharmacist; or maybe you enjoy computer programming- you could apply computer technology in a field of animal genetics? The options are exciting and endless, you just need to provide the passion and the career will develop itself!

Biomedical Scientist

With an understanding of how the body functions in health and disease, a biomedical scientist applies principles of human biology and biochemistry to improving health. Some potential career pathways are working as medical scientists in hospitals, pathology or biotechnology laboratories, working for pharmaceutical companies, or gain pathways into postgraduate medicine, pharmacy or other allied health programs such as physiotherapy.

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Principles of chemistry underlie most processes in the human body and nature, and contribute to a number of related careers. Some exciting careers are awaiting chemists including forensic chemist, environmental chemist, pharmaceutical chemist, agro-chemist or food chemist.

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Computer Scientist

Computer science considers the scientific principles underlying and programming of computers. Some exciting careers are available for computer scientists including software design and development, web and database programming, internet and networking specialists and careers in financial systems; game programming and electronic product design. Computer scientists may also be involved in the computational modelling for biological systems relating to biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics or neuroscience.

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Exercise Scientist

Combine their knowledge of human physiology and exercise, in identifying bodily responses to exercise. With industry experience, exercise scientists have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, with clients ranging from those with chronic disease looking to improve health, up to high level athletes looking to improve their performance. Exercise scientists may work in private practice, hospitals, and sports teams, occupational or corporate settings.

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Human Biologist and Physiologist

Knowledge in this field contributes to any health related career, whether looking at pathology, athlete performance or pharmacology. Some exciting careers include a forensic science technician, pharmacological sales representative or biological laboratory technician. With further study at UNE or elsewhere, students may go on to pursue careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing, dietetics and nutrition, pharmacy, exercise science and forensic science to mention a few.

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Graduates in mathematics are well placed to pursue a wide range of careers. Mathematicians are not restricted to working in finance, computer science, IT and insurance/banking, but careers are also available in applying mathematical techniques to solve biological problems. Examples could be modelling ecosystem processes and gene sequencing, or applying mathematical principles to an agricultural setting.

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Molecular and Cellular Biologist

With an understanding of biology and chemistry on a cellular level, molecular and cellular biologists have the opportunity to work in a diverse range of careers. Some exciting careers include biotechnology, food technology, and pharmaceutical careers along with work in hospitals, medical research laboratories or in agricultural research.

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Using their underlying knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, pharmacists make and dispense medications according to patient needs. Pharmacists can work in a variety of exciting fields including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, managed care facilities, defence forces or government and regulatory bodies.

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Physics and Electronics

Using electronics to monitor and measure factors relating to the basic laws of nature. Some exciting career opportunities include sports science electronics technician, bio mechanist, and physiological technician.

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As an expert in the field of statistics, there are a wide range of opportunities for statisticians to gain exciting employment. Examples of careers available to statisticians include biostatistics and epidemiology identifying the incidence of disease, which can contribute to improved health of population groups.

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