Science & Technology Seminar Series

Featuring presentations from UNE staff and postgraduate students, and guest presenters.

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2017 Seminars

On the Edge of Glory: Polymers for Inorganic Scale Control

On the Edge of Glory: Polymers for Inorganic Scale Control - Dr Chris Fellows

Polymers play an overwhelmingly important role in controlling the formation of inorganic structures in living and non-living systems. The polymers that interact with forming and growing crystallites to modify their behaviour can be effective at very low concentrations, and minor changes in polymer structure can have a dramatic impact on behaviour. This presentation will show results obtained by the presenter and his students and outline a model for this sensitive dependence of behaviour on polymer structure. The key postulate of the model is that minor structural changes in a polymer can induce not only surface activity, but edge-activity, making the polymer more likely to sit at the junction of two faces of a growing crystallite where a small amount can have a disproportionate effect on crystal growth.

My WORK300 experience in a pathology lab - Natasha Wiggins

The unit WORK300, Work Integrated Learning, enables students to apply their academic knowledge in a workplace context, and to reflect and report on the experience, thus increasing their level of career readiness. This seminar is part of the Unit’s assessment tasks.