Australian and New Zealand Spatially Enabled Livestock Symposium

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Thursday 15th July 2010

Plenary Session 4 - 28th Australian Society of Animal Production Conference

1 - Stobbs Lecture - GPS tracking. Are we still lost?
David Swain (CQU)

2 - Using Modis imagery, climate and soil data to estimate pasture growth rates on farms in the south-west of Western Australia
Graham Donald (CSIRO)

3 - Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) livestock tracking: system development and data interpretation
Mark Trotter (UNE-PARG)

4 - Urine distribution and grazing behaviour of femail sheep and cattle grazing a moderately steep New Zealand hill pasture
Kieth Betteridge (AgResearch NZ) (Listen)

5 - Reducing the impact of cattle on riparian zones using automated animal control devices
Greg Bishop-Hurley (CSIRO) (Listen)

6 - Use of proximal loggers for the detection of oestrus behaviour in grazing dairy cows
David McNeill(UQ) (Listen)

Session 1 - 1st ANZ Spatially Enable Livestock Symposium

7 - Introduction & opening address
Jim Barber (UNE Vice Chancellor) (Listen)

8 - Why does it matter where animals urinate?
Keith Betteridge (AgResearch NZ) (Listen)

9 - GNSS monitoring of temperament variations in cattle
Lauren Williams (University of Sydney – Masters candidate) (Listen)

10 - Spatially enabled livestock management: increasing biomass utilisation in rotational systems
Jessica Roberts (UNE PARG – PhD candidate) (Listen)

Session 2 - 1st ANZ Spatially Enable Livestock Symposium

11 - Keynote Address: The state of the art in movement and behavioural modelling in ecology
Toby Paterson (CSIRO) (Listen)

12 - Active Optical Sensors for grazing systems research
David Lamb (UNE-PARG) (Listen)

13 - Research directions in Northern Australia – the development of CSIRO's Lansdown Research Station
Greg Bishop-Hurley (CSIRO) (Listen)

14 - On saleyards and surveillance – using livestock movement records for riskbased surveillance planning
Kerryn Graham (CSIRO) (Listen)

15 - GNSS livestock tracking at the University of Sydney
Greg Cronin (University of Sydney)(Listen)

16 - Linking GPS and satellite remote sensing to monitor animal behaviour and environmental Interactions
Rebecca Handcock (CSIRO) (Listen)

17 - New tools in spatio-temporal grazing systems research
Mark Trotter (UNE-PARG) (Listen)

18 - Understanding sheep grazing in complex pastures to better manage natural resources and production outcomes
Felicity Cox (Charles Sturt University - PhD candidate) (Listen)

19 - Spatio-temporal monitoring of sheep to investigate shelter and shade use
Geoff Hinch (UNE-PARG) (Listen)

Session 3 - 1st ANZ Spatially Enable Livestock Symposium

20 - The business case for investment in development of precision livestock management technologies and applications
Rod Dyer (Meat and Livestock Australia) (Listen)

21 - Does peer training facilitate adaption in young cattle relocated from the rangelands to a temperate agricultural grazing system
Dean Thomas (CSIRO) (Listen)

22 - Precision livestock production and environmental influences
Graham Donald (CSIRO & UNE-PARG) (Listen)

23 - Translating industry research to farm profit improvement - a commercially viable approach to precision livestock and remote monitoring in Australia
Chris Andrews (Taggle Systems) (Listen)

24 - Bayesian change-point analysis of grazing sheep behaviour to identify lambing
Robin Dobos (Industry and Investment NSW & UNE PARG) (Listen)