Low dose X-ray phase-contrast imaging and tomography

Project title: Low dose X-ray phase-contrast imaging and tomography

Principal investigator:A/Prof. Konstantin Pavlov (UNE)

PhD Student:Mr Darren Thompson

Other participants: Dr T.E. Gureyev (UNE, Melbourne University, CSIRO, Monash University), Dr Y.I. Nesterets (UNE, CSIRO), Dr G. Tromba (ELETTRA), Dr S.C. Mayo (CSIRO), Dr A.W. Stevenson (CSIRO), Dr M.J. Kitchen (Monash University).

Project description:
Phase-contrast imaging is the future of X-ray imaging. This powerful type of X-ray imaging, which makes use of free-space propagation as well as optical elements made of perfect crystals, is specially tailored to image samples which are invisible to conventional X-ray techniques. Such "extended X-ray vision" is extremely important for imaging in medicine, biology and materials science. These techniques reveal the internal structure of low-absorption materials, where traditional X-ray radiography methods often struggle to provide sufficient contrast. In particular, this project is focused on development of low-dose high-sensitivity three-dimensional mammographic phase-contrast imaging, initially at synchrotrons and subsequently in hospitals and medical imaging clinics.

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