Inverse problems in deterministic coherent diffractive imaging

Project title: Inverse problems in deterministic coherent diffractive imaging

Principal investigator:A/Prof. Konstantin Pavlov (UNE)

Other participants: Adj. Prof David Paganin (Monash University), Prof Vasily Punegov (Russian Academy of Sciences), Dr Sergey Kolosov (Russian Academy of Sciences), Dr Kaye Morgan (Monash University), A/Prof Gerd Schmalz (UNE), A/Prof Nikolai Faleev (Arizona State University), Dr David Vine (ALS), Dr Lutz Kirste (IAF-FhG) 

Project description:
This project includes development of novel imaging and diffraction approaches to extend the current capabilities of the characterisation techniques of condensed matter physics, e.g., development of deterministic approaches to Bragg/Laue coherent diffraction that are rapid, exact and give a unique analytical solution to the inverse problem with nano-resolution. In particular, this project deals with inverse problems in statistical dynamical X-ray diffraction theory to provide detailed knowledge of properties directly impacting on micro- and opto-electronic device functionality, such as structure, internal strain, growth modes and ordering. This technique helps elucidate the structure of self-assembled quantum dots (QDs) and wide band-gap semiconductors based on alloys of AlN, GaN and InN. This research is motivated by both the exciting fundamental physics to be uncovered in studying the link from structure to functionality, and by the sustained technological pressure to further develop micro- and opto-electronic materials.

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