BBRG Internships

The BBRG Research Internship Programme offers opportunities for students of all levels to become involved in novel research projects, on a volunteer basis. This programme will provide students with the opportunity to build their research and clinical/laboratory skills, whilst furthering research into the foci areas of the BBRG’s current research programme into Depression, at a pre-clinical and clinical level. So that they can benefit most from these Research Internships, students will need to make a regular commitment of their time, usually for a half or full day per week, with allowance for exam and vacation periods. These Research Internships fit within the UNE Policies and Regulations for such activities and represent a formal collaboration between UNE staff and UNE students.

For more information on the BBRG Internships contact Professor Chris Sharpley, or individual members of the research group, for details of the projects available, and how to apply.