Graduate Diploma in Data Science

The Graduate Diploma in Data Science will provide students with the required knowledge and practical skills to analyse and manage data and to solve complex and challenging problems.

Why study Data Science?

In the digital age data is the core asset of every organization. It provides the basis for sensible, evidence-based decision making, and the ability to manage and make sense of the modern workplace. The volume of data is growing exponentially hence the employment demand for data scientists is growing strongly.

The Graduate Diploma in Data Science is an entry-level postgraduate course that complements any existing skill set and provides opportunity to up-skill for positions that have a rigorous quantitative aspect.

Why study at UNE?

UNE has had extensive experience teaching computer science and IT.

We have expanded our core course offering to offer Post Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Data Science.

The Master of Data Science is designed for graduates from all disciplines to complement their existing skills with a solid background in statistics and computer science, preparing them for advanced subjects in data science.

Career Opportunities

Data science is a rapidly growing field with outstanding employment prospects for appropriately qualified professionals. Potential positions include: data scientist, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, data architect, data strategist, healthcare data managers, bioinformatics analyst, computational scientist and research scientists.


How do I choose my units?

All units approved for your course are listed in the Program of Study

Core Units must be completed and are taken at the commencement of candidature because, for those of you who do not have an IT/computing/statistical background, they provide the knowledge and skills needed to complete units at a higher level.

Unit details such as the trimester of offering, unit coordinator’s name and contact details plus advice on any special requirements for the unit, are provided on the Course and Unit Catalogue.  Simply enter the unit code in the Unit field under Quick Search on the left-hand side of the screen.

On campus students

When you have determined which units you wish to enrol for, you must check the Timetable to ensure that for there are no lecture clashes.

How do I plan my study?

It is recommended that you follow the Course Plans provided for your course.  These have been formulated taking into account prerequisites and the trimester of offering and ensure that you complete units in the correct sequence and gain maximum benefit from your studies.  If you are unsure about your enrolment, you should contact the Course Coordinator for advice.

If you should fail one or more units, it is strongly recommended that you contact your Course Coordinator for advice on how to adjust your course plan, taking prerequisite requirements and trimester of offering into account, to ensure that you are able to progress your studies.

I’ve completed study at another university – can I get advanced standing (credit) for that?

If you have completed prior study at a tertiary institution you may be eligible for advanced standing (credit or recognition of prior learning). Please scroll down to the “Advanced Standing towards UNE Science Courses” tab, for advice on what you are required to submit with your Advanced Standing application.

Please note:  It can take up to eight weeks to have an application for advanced standing processed so you should submit your application well before the beginning of the trimester in which you intend to commence study. This is especially necessary if you need to know what advanced standing you have been granted in order to enrol in the correct units.


For general and administrative enquiries, AskUNE.

Enquiries about the Graduate Diploma in Data Science at UNE can be made to the Course Coordinator.