Medical and Health Related Professions

Relevant majors: Applied Physics, Biochemistry/Biotechnology, Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Microbiology, Neuroscience

  • Analytical chemist: analyses and studies the physical or chemical properties of drug substances and formulations
  • Biomedical or medical scientist: performs medical laboratory tests on blood, other body fluids and tissues to assist clinicians in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease
  • Clinical research associate: sets up, monitors and complete clinical trials that investigate the effects, risks and benefit of a medicine
  • Manufacturing operations manager: oversees all processes involved in the manufacturing of a medicine
  • Medical chemist:  studies the structural properties of compounds intended for drug development
  • Medical information officer: provides technical resources and expertise in medical training of sales forces regarding new product development
  • Microbiologist: investigates the growth and characteristics of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, algae, or fungi
  • Neuroscientist: investigates areas of the nervous system and conditions that affect it; also involved in research into social problems such as addiction and gambling and longer-term issues such as ageing
  • Product manager: responsible for the development and implementation of an annual marketing plan and promotion budget