Media, Marketing and Communication

Relevant majors: All majors are relevant if you are interested in a career in the media, marketing and/or communications.

  • In the highly sought-after media industry, there are a number of journalism positions specifically set aside for science graduates across print, TV and radio. In Australia, these can be mostly found at science magazines such as Cosmos and New Scientist, the ABC and trade publications
  • Science graduates can also find jobs in science communication and media relations, working as communication officers for universities, research institutes like the CSIRO, museums and pharmaceutical companies - implementing communication strategies, raising the organisation’s profile though websites and other e-communication tools, producing print publications and communications, organising events and press conferences.
  • Closely tied to the field of communications is marketing –  a product/brand manager, responsible for marketing and developing products such as gaming consoles, shoes, and even university courses, a market researcher, who uses quantitative data to understand the behaviour of consumers and what drives them to buy iPhones or Android phones.