Relevant majors: Chemistry, Applied Physics

  • Career opportunities in materials science can be found in industry, research organisations, universities, private companies and hospitals, with materials being investigated and designed for a huge array of applications – everything we touch is made from some sort of material, whether man-made or naturally occurring or a combination of the two.
  • Materials science is one of the most exciting career areas in science, particularly because it brings together expertise from many disciplines. Chemists, physicists, imaging specialists, biologists, biochemists and medical researchers are all involved in different types of materials science, going beyond merely analysing materials to creating new materials with new properties
  • From designing new materials to investigating the fundamental properties of existing materials to forensic failure analysis of materials in machinery and building applications, there are hugely diverse approaches and opportunities in materials science.

  • The materials science sector has an exciting future as new types of materials and techniques for analysing them open up new fields of enquiry.