Government, Defence and Legal

Relevant majors and minors:  all majors and minors are relevant to careers in government, defence and legal areas.

State Government:

Scientists from every discipline are employed by state

  • Food Authorities
  • offices of Environment and Heritage
  • offices of Water and of Food Safety
  • Departments of Health
  • Institutes of Sport
  • Water Authorities

Federal Government:

  • CSIRO employs 1,900 natural science graduates
  • Department of Industry employs graduates from virtually every area of natural sciences, with an emphasis on candidates with good communication and team work skills
  • Department of Industry, Innovation, Science and Research employs natural science
  • Department of the Environment also employs natural science graduates
  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) employs 2,500 scientists including material scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists, electrical engineers, psychologists biomedical scientists who have a variety of science backgrounds and can exercise innovative thinking and have analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
  • Geosciences Australia
  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Murray-Darling Basin Authority

In addition to government positions, science graduates also work with legal firms in the areas such as:

  • patents
  • intellectual property
  • some specialised areas, for examples, forensics