Dr Michael Faure presents

Prof. Dr Michael G. Faure

Prof. Dr Michael G. Faure LL.M. became Academic Director of the Maastricht European Institute for Transnational Legal Research (METRO) and Professor of Comparative and International Environmental Law at the law faculty of Maastricht University in September 1991. Prof. Dr Faure still holds both positions today.
In addition, Prof. Dr Faure is Academic Director of the Ius Commune Research School and member of the Board of Directors of Ectil. Since 1 February 2008, he is half time Professor of Comparative Private Law and Economics at the Rotterdam Institute of Law & Economics (RILE), of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Academic Director of the European Doctorate in Law and Economics (EDLE) programme.

Since 1982 Prof. Dr Faure is equally attorney at the Antwerp Bar.

Prof. Dr Faure publishes in the areas of environmental (criminal) law, tort and insurance and economic analysis of (accident) law.


Financial compensation for victims of disasters: a law and policy point of view

This seminar will discuss the efficiency and effectiveness of providing compensation to victims of disasters. On the one hand climate change increasingly poses challenges as a result of increasing floods and hurricanes; on the other hand terrorism also creates an additional demand for compensation. The crucial question is how compensation mechanisms can be designed that provide recovery ex post but still provide accurate incentives for disaster risk reduction ex ante. A variety of solutions (ad hoc compensation by government, compensation funds, compulsory insurance, re-insurance by the government and liability rules) will all be compared from a multidisciplinary perspective, using insights from insurance, economics and accident law.