Professor Christine Parker and Dr Simon Kerr - Dangerous Climate Change – A Musical Response and an Inquiry into Academic-Artistic Co-production of Social Change - 5 May

Is there more to academic communication and policy impact than scholarly journal articles, books, opinion pieces and reports? Is it possible for arts and academia to work together to address the biggest challenges of our time? In the last twelve months Christine Parker (as manager and intellectual) and Simon Kerr (as musician, artist and activist) have worked together to plan, market and deliver a musical multimedia show addressing climate change. Their show uses stunning images, superb original music and captivating narrative to speak honestly about the science, provide hope for the future, and inspire new and positive ways to think and feel about the climate challenge. In this musical seminar, they will demonstrate the potential for collaboration and co-production between the arts and academia for translating academic research into social and policy change. The presentation will feature Simon Kerr on guitars and vocals performing excerpts from their show, Music for A Warming World together with a stunning visual display and reflection about the role of music and art in communicating science, engaging emotionally with the challenge of issues like climate change, prompting discursive change that can support legal and political and social change, and building community around new social imaginaries.