Associate Professor Dale Stephens - The Increasing Militarization of Outer Space: Legal and Normative Responses - 15 September

It is becoming abundantly clear that the militarization of space is inevitable. New capabilities and weapons systems are being developed that will apply to outer space operations. Simultaneously military doctrine is being developed that will shape the manner in which such military operations will occur. Despite these developments, there is no clarity regarding how and in what manner international law might apply in those attenuated circumstances to constrain and regulate any developing hostilities or armed conflict.  The global community is currently in a precarious place regarding this emerging reality.  

This Presentation will examine the growing phenomenon of the increasing use of space for military activity and will canvass how international law may apply to condition behavior in a time of armed conflict. It will also provide a brief review of informal law making processes that are underway to influence thinking in this area and how such normative responses might fare in addressing this phenomenon.