Units offered

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Trimester 2 2019
Unit Code Unit NameMode
LAW100Introduction to Legal Systems and Methods ON/OL
LAW101Law in Context ON/OL
LAW157Alternative Dispute Resolution ON/OL
LAW171Law of Contract I ON/OL
LAW232Law of Torts II ON/OL
LAW251Corporation Law ON/OL
LAW270Interviewing for Advocacy OL
LAW282Property Law II ON/OL
LAW301Succession ON/OL
LAW312Criminal and Civil Procedure ON/OL
LAW318/LLM518Law of the Sea ON/OL
LAW320Professional Conduct ON/OL
LAW323Intellectual Property Law ON/OL
LAW397 Special Studies in Law - Local Court Internship OL
LAW400Administrative Law ON/OL
LAW480Advanced Research, Writing and Advocacy ON/OL
LLM520LLM Research Topic (12 cp) ON/OL
LLM522LLM Research Major Dissertation OL
LLM523Intellectual Property Law ON/OL
LLM527Natural Resource Policy Risks ON/OL
LLM530Natural Resources, Relationships and Agreements ON/OL
LLM533Fundamentals of Australia’s Common Law System ON/OL
LLM599Special Studies ON/OL
LSSU251Introduction to Business Law ON/OL
LSSU360Advocacy and Court Practice OL
LSSU391Principles of Corporation Law ON/OL
LSSU392Principles of Taxation Law ON/OL
LSSU394/LSSU594Issue in Commercial and Financial Services Law OL
LSSU451Legal Studies ON/OL
LSSU591Law of Commercial Associations ON/OL
LSSU592Taxation Law ON/OL
WORK300/WORK500Work Integrated Learning - Professional Skills Development ON/OL
Trimester 3 2019
Unit CodeUnit NameMode
LAW100Introduction to Legal Systems and MethodsOL
LAW101Law in ContextOL
LAW161Criminal LawOL
LAW171Law of Contract IOL
LAW201Sports LawOL
LAW251Corporation LawOL
LAW313Evidence and ProofOL
LAW325/LLM525International Trade LawOL 
LAW326/LLM526Human RightsOL (LLM526 ON/OL)
LAW332Industrial LawOL
LAW337/LLM537Innovation LawON/OL
LAW345/LLM545Animal LawOL (LLM545 ON/OL)
LAW346/LLM546Law and Crisis: The Use of Emergency PowersOL
LAW370/LLM570Family LawOL
LLM500Research Methodology and TheoryON/OL
LLM508Issues in Employment LawOL
LLM533Fundamentals of Australia’s Common Law SystemON/OL
LLM599Special StudiesON/OL
LSU100Introduction to Legal StudiesOL
LSSU395/LSSU595Taxation Law for Financial ServicesOL
OSSE300/OSSE500Overseas Study ExperienceON/OL
Trimester 1 2020

Not yet available due to Curriculum Review