UNE Alumni & Industry Partner Mentoring Program

The UNE Law School is inviting undergraduate law students to participate in the inaugural 2017 UNE School of Law Alumni and Industry Partner Mentoring Program.

The program will run from the start of Trimester 1 (Monday, 20 February) until the end of Trimester 2 (Monday, 9 October). This is a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate law students to network with legal, business and other professionals and gain invaluable practical advice as you investigate your career options.

You will have the opportunity to select a mentor who has experience in your chosen field and who can advise on topics such as resumes/CVs, approaching a job search and attaining a work/life balance. You will receive numerous benefits from the mentoring relationship that can be utilised beyond the lifetime of the program. These include the opportunity to:

  • Network and expand contacts with professionals
  • Gain a new or different perspective on study and career options and the opportunity to discuss your aspirations
  • Set goals and strategies for achieving them
  • Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Discover, develop and learn new talents and skills
  • Receive encouragement and support and build self-confidence
  • Be challenged and receive feedback on your ideas

Please note that the aim of the Law School Mentoring Program is not to lead to employment opportunities with a mentor’s organisation. However, students may accept employment if a mentor offers such an opportunity.


To be eligible to participate in the program, you must be enrolled in a UNE undergraduate law degree program and have completed a minimum number of credit points. The number of credit points will vary depending on the law degree program in which you are enrolled.

Law Degree ProgramCredit Points Required
3 year LLB96
4 year LLB150
Double degree192

Time Commitment

A time commitment of a minimum of 3 hours over the duration of the program is required, and contact with your mentor can be through email, phone, video, face-to-face or a combination of methods. The precise methods will need to be agreed with your selected mentor. If you are found not to be actively participating with your mentor, you will be excluded from the program.

How to Register

As the program is new, there is a limited number of places available, and we cannot guarantee that you can be paired with a mentor. All eligible students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

To apply, please register at https://mentoring.une.edu.au/programs/law/register

If you have any further questions, please contact lawmentoring@une.edu.au