UNE will cover your travel insurance for study purposes only.  If you take more than 2-3 days to arrive (including transit stops) and depart, then you will need to purchase additional insurance.  UNE can provide a letter and document showing currency of our travel insurance policy.  This is usually required for students travelling to the US.  It is estimated that travel insurance for approximately 4-6 months will cost over $500, so it is definitely a benefit at no cost to you.  It might be required for you to obtain additional cover during term breaks, depending on what travel plans you decide on.  You will be required to provide timely updates to your itinerary while overseas BEFORE undertaking travel away from your study destination.  You can do this by sending an email with your official travel itinerary (issued by an airline, website or travel agent) to to have the amended itinerary approved by UNE travel.