You are also responsible for all travel documents, including a passport with at least six months validity remaining AFTER your return to Australia following the completion of your exchange and any personal travel.  If you will have less than six months remaining, you must renew your passport now.  If you have not already applied for a passport, this should be done immediately.  Waiting until acceptance of nomination is too late, as the overseas institution will often require the passport as part of the admission process.

Visas are obtained at your own expense.  You may even need to personally attend an interview at a Consulate General or Embassy in Australia, or where allowed, be required to send your passport to the relevant Consulate General/Embassy to obtain a visa.  For example, this is a requirement to obtaining a Visa to the USA.

It is suggested that if sending passports through the mail, that you always ensure they are registered at the post office.  Many countries require you to apply for a visa well before you arrive.  It should be noted that if you arrive in an airport of a foreign country and do not have the relevant travel documents, you could be denied entry and be required to return to Australia.  UNE will not accept any responsibility for being denied entry, as it is your own responsibility to be sure you have all relevant travel documents relevant to your entry as a student.  It is recommended that if you are not sure about the required travel documents, then you should use a travel agent, or request for further information from the relevant immigration department of destination (and transit) country where required.  UNE will not organise visas or travel documents for you.