An Overseas Exchange is where you undertake studies at a "partner" institution in another country.  There, you will study four subjects/courses/units (or the equivalent of four units at UNE) which will have been approved before you leave Australia via the Advanced Standing/Permission to Enrol Elsewhere process.  The units are paid for as part of your Australian Course, normally as HECS if you are in a Commonwealth Supported Place, as you are concurrently enrolled at UNE in Approved Overseas Study (AOS) units.  

This means that you would avoid the international study fees charged by institutions overseas, which can often be very expensive.  The HECS charges are still able to be deferred, if you already do that, and so there is no extra cost on top of that.  You can choose to study for one semester/trimester or a full year.  We require an exemplary academic record to nominate you to one of our exchange partners, with a minimum of a Pass at all levels attempted at UNE.  If you have not met this requirement, then you may want to consider one of the other options below.  Partners are not able to be added because a student would like to study in a specific location.  It can take 1-2 years to set up a new exchange agreement, so this is not done for single students, but based on many reasons.