You should start the Permission ToEnrol Elsewhere Advanced Standing process as soon as possible.  Note that you will not have a "Cross-Institutional Admission Form" but you can tick the box - OVERSEAS EXCHANGE, on the online application form.  You could also "justify" the experience, by including your personal statement for the exchange application.

You will need to include the syllabus or module/course/unit outlines for each unit in your application.  Unit outlines should include the following:

  • description of the unit;
  • aims;
  • objectives;  
  • assessments, including examination requirements;  
  • unit weighting; and
  • list of reference books and textbooks.  

We suggest you select double the number you intend on doing, and usually you will need to complete a full study load at overseas institutions.

Note that credit will be given towards the overseas studies as credit points only.

The grade you receive at another institution does not transfer to your Grade Point Average (GPA) at UNE. Only units studied at UNE can count towards a UNE GPA.

You will need to forward the original transcript to Advanced Standing or have the overseas institution forward the academic transcript to upon completion so credit can be granted for the completed unit.

Only units that have been approved through PTEE will be given Advanced Standing.  

You must not study units overseas that have not been approved, as it is a legislative requirement of both being enrolled as a Commonwealth Supported Student and granted an OS HELP Loan (where relevant) that ONLY approve units that will count towards your UNE degree will be studied while overseas.

The earlier you complete the request for PTEE, the earlier we can approve your exchange and nominate you to the overseas institution.  The whole process of gaining entry to the overseas partner can be quite lengthy, so the earlier you start, the better.  It is possible that some institutions will not process your application until a time set by them, so please be aware that you often will not receive an outcome within a normal time period, such as one or two months, and it could actually be much longer than this.