Undergraduate Scholarships

Current scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students are listed on the University's Undergraduate Scholarships page. Many of these are relevant to all courses, while a number are specific to students in the environmental and rural sciences.

Postgraduate Scholarships

Postgraduate scholarship opportunities are listed on the University's Research Scholarships page. This includes scholarships offered by the Pork, Poultry and Sheep CRCs.

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UNE Higher Degree Research Scholarships

PhD/Research Masters Opportunities

Joint Research Engagement (JRE) Cadetships

JRE Cadetships grants are designed to provide support for higher degree research candidates by helping with the costs of undertaking  industry-based cadetships for students working across the spectrum of scientific research. Cadetships involve a combination of formal research with the University and concurrent employment with a business to carry out R&D activities.

Domestic students enrolled in a PhD or Research Masters are eligible to apply.

Plant Stress Biology

Plants being sessile must endure and survive extreme environmental conditions. Research into stress response mechanisms of crop plants have direct implications for agriculture. Associate Professor Priti Krishna is looking for motivated students to apply for the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC) Honours Scholarships to carry out research in this area. If you are interested, please contact Associate Professor Krishna for more details.

Other UNE Scholarships

The Acram Taji Bursary

For continuing students

The applicant must be a female student who is entering the final year of a Bachelor of Rural Science or Bachelor of Agriculture. Students are eligible to apply if they are in second year of Agriculture and third year of Rural Science.

The Bursary is valued at $500.

Download Application (DOCX, 38.53 KB)

International Bursary

The applicant can be a male or female international student from developing countries enrolled in any postgraduate award: Master of Agriculture, Master of Science in Agriculture or Higher Degree Student enrolled in Master of Rural Science or PHD. Students in any aspect of Rural Science or Agriculture are eligible to apply, however preference may be given to Students whose thesis focus is plant agriculture. (Horticulture, Agronomy, Plant biosecurity, Plant biotechnology, Organic agriculture).

The applicant must be able to demonstrate financial disadvantage.

The Bursary is valued at $500.

Download Application (DOCX, 38.4 KB)

Industry Scholarships and Opportunities

Aurora Internship Program

Royal Agricultural Society of NSW, Scholarships and Grants (Undergraduate, Honours, Masters and PhD)

RIRDC Horizon Scholarship (Undergraduate)

Australian Wool Education Trust (Undergraduate, Honours, Masters and PhD)

RSPCA Scholarships (Research Project)

MLA Scholarships (Postgraduate)

GRDC Scholarships (Honours and Postgraduate)

CSIRO (Vacation and Postgraduate Scholarships)

NSW/ACT Young Achiever Awards