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Pollution Science staff

Susan Wilson

 Susan Photo

Associate Professor | School of Environmental and Rural Science

Email: susan.wilson@une.edu.au

I am a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Pollution and have established and lead the Pollution Science Research Group in the School of Environmental and Rural Science at UNE. I have over 20 years experience in research on pollutants working in the US, Europe, UK and Australia also supported by time in the consultancy industry and regulation. My research focuses on pollutants in soils: their processing and cycling, interactions, their effects, managing risks and remediation. I also manage the GCMS analytical research facility in the School. Current research areas include:

  • Fate, behaviour and availability of pollutants in soil systems
  • Soil-pollutant interactions
  • Food chain contaminant transfers
  • Ecotoxicity and impacts of contaminants
  • Chemistry and behaviour of arsenic and antimony in contaminated soil and waters
  • Exposure and risk assessment
  • Remediation and rehabilitation of polluted systems including phytoremediation and bioremediation
  • Environmental analysis and monitoring

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Leanne Lisle

 Leanne Photo

Senior Technical Officer | School of Environmental and Rural Science

Email: llisle@une.edu.au

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Matthew Tighe

 Matthew Photo

Associate Professor | School of Environmental and Rural Science

Email: matthew.tighe@une.edu.au

I have a background in ecosystem management and soil chemistry. I am interested in the links between the spatial variation of chemical patterns and underlying environmental processes that generate these patterns. I believe understanding these links inform us as to function and dysfunction in both natural and production systems. My specific research interests include:

  • Fate and behavior of trace elements and nutrients in soils
  • Plant/soil interactions
  • Environmental tomography
  • Environmental forensics
  • Appropriate use of statistics in environmental research.

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Pollution Science students

Wahyu Adi Nuhroho

Wahyu Adi  Photo

Master of Science in Agriculture| School of Environmental & Rural Science

Email: wnugroho@myune.edu.au

Mitigation of Iron Toxicity in Rice on Acid Sulfate Soils by Silicon Application

Wahyu Nugroho is studying a Masters in Ag Science. Wahyu's project is investigating the effect of different source of silicon fertiliser in alleviating iron toxicity in some rice varieties on acid sulfate soils.