2020 LEE Seminar Series

Presentation DatePresenter Name & Zoom link access 
October 8th
Nathan Enriquez (UNE)
October 22nd
Alva Curtsdotter (UNE)
November 5th
Nena Bulovic (UQ)
November 19th
Kirsti Abbott (UNE)

Presentation DateSeminarPresenter & Session Poster
September 17th 2020From Davey's locker to the high-tech world: the one hundred million year journey of the MuttaburrasaurusMatt Herne (UNE)
August 27th 2020
August 13th 2020 Special Travelling UNE SMART Farm Show!Lewis Kahn (UNE)
July 30th 2020 Geochemistry of tiny volcanoes: answering big questions about mantle melting Lucy McGee (University of Adelaide)
July 16th 2020Super-eruptions as cryptic drivers of the end-Permian mass extinction Tim Chapman (UNE)
March 19th 2020

Ngudlukanta dreaming: Searching for a mysterious marsupial in the deserts of north-eastern South Australia

Karl Vernes
March 5th 2020Native dung beetles: sky islands, gradients and Red ListsAlfonsina Arrriaga-Jiminez
February 20th 2020Fossils, molecular dating and the timing of myriapod and arachnid terrestrialisationGreg Edgecombe
January 23rd 2020Ecological stability despite environmental disruption – searching for the ecological rules governing the persistence of communities in the fossil recordLuke Strotz
31st October 2019Science CommunicationMichael Mills
17th October 2019

Do Mutualistic Interactions Facilitate Plant Invasions

Lizzie Wandrag
27th September 2019Tales of Sex, Death, Disease, and DaphniaMatt Hall
19th September 2019Beasts and blowflies of the Cambrian: trilobites from the Emu Bay Shale LagerstatteJames Holmes
12th September 2019

Strengthening the science-policy interface: lessons from the scientific assessments of elephant and predator management in South Africa

Graham Kerley
10th September 2019What Can Shoot Flammability Tell Us About Community Flammability, Plant Evolution, and The Traits That Allow Plants to Burn?Tim Curran
5th September 2019Bringing Horseshoe Crabs into the Digital Age - A Multi-Faceted Approach to Documenting These Iconic OrganismsRussell D.C Bicknell
2nd September 2019Integrating Plate Tectonic Reconstructions with Models of Global Geodynamics and Deep Carbon CyclingSabine Zanhirovic
18th July 2019Walking In A Winter Wonderland - An Introduction to Winter EcologyGeoff Hughes
20th June 2019 Why Lemurs in Hot Madagascar HibernateKathrin H. Dausmann
30th May 2019An Earth Science Perspective of BhutanA/Prof Paul Ashley
18th April 2019A cryptic Gondwana-forming orogen located in AntarcticaA/Prof Nathan Daczko
16th January 2020A Face for Fodder: Feeding Ecology and Cranial Morphology in Marsupial HerbivoresRex Mitchell