The Insect Ecology Laboratory and UNE have a strong commitment to research and development.  UNE has existing research collaborations with the Primary Industries Innovation Centre (a collaboration between UNE and Industry and Investment NSW - formerly NSW DPI), Industry and Investment NSW, the Queensland Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (formerly Qld DPI&F), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO Entomology). 

The Insect Ecology group is currently undertaking a number of research and development (R&D) projects.  These include: projects looking at IPM of grain insects and how pest and beneficial insect assemblages associated with canola and canola-mustards will change according to current projections for climatic and atmospheric changes for Australia.

A major goal of this current initiative is the identification and implementation of further areas of research that are applicable to IPM in grains in the region.  

The UNE Insect Ecology Laboratory is an active participant in the Grain Research and Development Corporation National Insect Pest Initiative (NIPI).