Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

Dorph A, McDonald PG. (2017). The acoustic repertoire and behavioural context of the vocalisations of a nocturnal dasyurid, the eastern quoll (Dasyurus viverrinus). PLoS ONE 12: e0179337.

Farrow LF, Doohan SJ, McDonald PG. (2017). Alarm calls of a cooperative bird are referential and elicit context-specific antipredator behavior. Behavioral Ecology 28: 724–31.

Beckmann C, McDonald PG. (2016). Placement of re-nests following predation: are birds managing risk? Emu 116: 9–13.

McEvoy JF, Hall GP, McDonald PG. (2016). Evaluation of unmanned aerial vehicle shape, flight path and camera type for waterfowl surveys: disturbance effects and species recognition. PeerJ 4: e1831.

Wright J, McDonald PG. (2016). Bell miners: Kin-selected helping decisions. Cooperative breeding in vertebrates: Studies of ecology, evolution, and behavior. Cambridge University Press Cambridge, UK, p272–93.

McDonald PG. (2012). Cooperative bird differentiates between the calls of different individuals, even when vocalizations were from completely unfamiliar individuals. Biology Letters 8: 365–8.

McDonald PG, Griffith SC. (2011). To pluck or not to pluck: the hidden ethical and scientific costs of relying on feathers as a primary source of DNA. Journal of Avian Biology 42: 197–203.

McDonald PG, Wright J. (2011). Bell miner provisioning calls are more similar among relatives and are used by helpers at the nest to bias their effort towards kin. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 278(1723): 3403–11.


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