2019 Seminar Series

Presentation DateSeminarPresenter
3rd DecemberEffects of dietary L-arginine and L-citrulline supplementation in low protein diets for meat chickens under differing environmental conditionsThi Hiep Dao
19th NovemberGenome‐wide association studies for body weight and feed intake during the feedlot test period in Angus beef cattleAntonio Torres-Vazquez
29th OctoberSheep farmers support app technology as a new way forward for farmer extension

Phytodiverse grazing systems for enhanced ruminant productivity
Penny Schulz

Katherine Anne Smith
22nd OctoberPrevalence of liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) and drug resistance in kangaroos (Macropods)Jane Lamb
15th October

Effect of soluble NSP levels and xylanase supplementation on production performance and gut fermentation in laying chickens

Efficiency of cattle varying in estimated breeding values (EBVs) for residual feed intake (RFI)

Hong Thi Nguyen

Hadriana Bansi
8th October

Black soldier fly larvae in broiler diets

Use of dust samples for assessing infectious largyngotracheitis virus status in meat chickens

Jessica de Souza Vilela

Awol Mohammed Assen
1st OctoberWhat we have learnt from RFID tracking of free-range layers: a 5-year research journeyDr. Dana Campbell
24th September

Assessment of genomic prediction accuracy for meat quality traits in Hanwoo cattle

Gene network analysis for marbling development using gene expression (RNA-SEQ) in Hanwoo

Mohammed Bedhane

Sara de Las Heras-Saldana
10th September

Is Theileria orientalis becoming endemic on Northern Tablelands of NSW and if so which vectors are responsible for its spread?

Biniam Tsegaye Lakew
27th AugustUruguayan Wool Secretariat and Their Activities With Sheep HealthDr Sergio Fierro
6th August

Interactive effect of dietary calcium and phytase on broilers challenged with subclinical necrotic enteritis

Detection and qualification of Clostridium perfringensand netb toxin gene from poultry dust using real-time PCR

Holy Kwabla Zanu

Md Ahaduzzaman
23rd JulyDevelopment of genomic testing in sheepJulius Van der Werf
16th July

In vitro and in vivo maintenance and anthelmintic resistance studies of chicken nematode isolates from Australia

Understanding the effects of Leucaena leucocephala toxicity on reproduction

Teka Feyera Dewo

Fahrul Irawan
9th JulyEffect of feed type on the activity of triplet-bearing ewes housed indoors in New ZealandAmellia Redfearn
2nd JulyAnimal Ethics Committee RoadshowDr Adam Hamlin
11th JuneWelfare implications of virtual herding technology in sheep

Water content of sheep faeces 
Tellisa Kearton

Tshering Gyeltshen 
4th JuneEarly rearing enrichments influenced nest use and quality of eggs across the production cycle in free-range laying hens

Monitoring and optimising starch fermentation in the rumen of feedlot cattle

Md Saiful Bari

Abby Nortrup

28th MayPerformance of Barbervax vaccination in lactating Merino ewes

Getting Energetic About Goats
Mulisa Megersa Kebeta

Dr. Amelia Almeida