Late Assessment Policy

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Assessment Extensions

Applications for an assessment extension must be submitted in writing (e.g. email) to the Unit Coordinator before 23.59 AEST on the assessment due date. Only in exceptional circumstances will a late application be accepted. A Unit Coordinator may take into consideration the applicant's prior history of Assessment extensions. The following circumstances will normally result in extensions being granted by a Unit Coordinator provided that required supporting documentation is submitted:

  1. Medical grounds with medical certificate signed by a medical doctor or allied health professional;
  2. Unforeseen work or volunteer commitments with supporting letter from employer;
  3. Other grounds, comprising extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control, e.g., a death in the immediate family or an accident, victim of crime, carer's illness, unexpected weather event (flooding, hail), damage to property, with supporting evidence such as death notice, medical certificate or police report.

If you are granted an extension, it is important that you attach a copy of the email granting you that extension. In exceptional circumstances, if the extension is granted over the phone, the unit coordinator must confirm this immediately in an email.  The extension due date for your assessment submission will also be recorded on the unit site on the Learning Management System (LMS) [currently Moodle].

The following circumstances are unacceptable grounds for extensions:

  1. Inability to have an Assessment word processed by the due date
  2. Other Assessments due on or about the due date
  3. Disk, computer or ICT failure unless publicly documented (ICT failure at the UNE server is treated at a global unit level by the school)
  4. Foreseeable work, travel or social commitments

Length of Extensions

The School has a duty of care to ensure that the student will still be able to keep up with their study, assessment and exam preparation. Therefore the normal maximum extension period is ten (10) days. In extraordinary circumstances, the Unit Coordinator or Course Coordinator may agree to a longer extension but this will require additional evidence about the student's ability to catch up with their work.

If a student is unable to meet the extended deadline, they are encouraged to withdraw from the unit, as they will simply not be able to keep up with their studies. Applications for a withdrawal are made via AskUNE.

Supporting documentation required

You must provide a copy of supporting documentation with your application for an extension. If you do not have the documentation at the time when you make your application, you should include a note to this effect in your application. You should forward your documentation as soon as possible.

Please note – the School will not process your extension application until supporting documentation is received.

Assessment Late Submission Penalty

Penalties for late submission of assessments will be detailed in the Unit Information on the LMS. This does not include online quizzes

Assessments that are received after the submission date or, where an extension has been granted, after the extended date, will be subject to a late submission penalty:

  1. Assessments received after the due date or after the extended submission date, will be penalised at 5% per day for a maximum penalty period of ten (10) consecutive days.
  2. If an Assessment is received after the penalty period, then zero marks will be awarded.
  3. Unit coordinators have the discretion to extend the penalty period to a maximum of ten (10) consecutive days. In units where such an extended penalty period is available, it will be clearly stated in the unit and assessment information on the LMS.
  4. The 5% per day penalty for late submissions does not apply to Online Quizzes. Quizzes will only be reopened for approved extensions.

Students should be aware that any assessment submitted late must comprise a genuine attempt of the task required. Late Assessments are also likely to be returned with a significantly reduced level of feedback and commentary.

It is university policy that an extension will not be granted beyond the end of the examination period. Students must then apply for a Special Extension of Time to the UNE Student Centre and attach appropriate documentation to support their application.

Please read the UNE Academic Assessment Appeals Policy and the UNE Academic Assessment Appeals Procedures for more details. The procedures for submitting an application for a Special Extension of time can be found within these documents.  

An application form for Special Extension of Time is also available.