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Assistance with course advice

For prospective students:

Visit our website to help you choose the right course and for agriculture students, visit our Agricultural Careers page.

Contact the Future Students Team.

For current students:

Practical work experience queries

Queries regarding your course

What units to study, variations to the normal program of study, course plans, or any other enrolment questions please use AskUNE. The Enrolments and Progression Team give excellent advice and will refer on to course coordinators where required.

In AskUNE please select the following in the ‘Topic’ dropdown menu so your request goes straight to the correct person and is answered in a timely manner:

  • Enrolment
    • Re-enrolling
    • Enrolment Advice
    • Sciences

If you have trouble using AskUNE, in the subject type “Seeking enrolment advice…”, or “Need assistance from E&P”, “enrolments and progressions”

The Enrolments and Progressions team are happy to chat with you on the phone too, but it is best to email first to give them background on your issue and nominate times at which it would be convenient for them to call you.

AskUNE is the preferred mode of communication over emails direct to staff, and offers the following advantages:

  • covers you in the event of staff absences
  • ensures queries go to the correct person
  • ensures there’s a publicly accessible record of your queries and the advice you were given


If you have questions regarding your results. In the first instance contact the unit coordinator. You will find their contact details in your Moodle site or in the unit CAUC entry.

Study Abroad

If you want to study overseas please contact the UNE Study Abroad Officer –

Course Coordinators

Co-ordinator's Name Course/s Co-ordinated

Dr Peta Taylor

  • Bachelor of Agriculture
  • Dr Nigel Warwick
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Production and Management - No new students admitted from T1 2020.
  • Bachelor of Agrifood Systems  - No new students admitted  to course from T1 2020.
  • Diploma in Agriculture
  • Dr Adrienne Burns
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science
  • Dr Nancy Vickery

  • Bachelor of GeoScience
  • Dr Fran Cowley 

    (Acting for T2 2020)

  • Bachelor of Animal Science
  • Bachelor of Livestock Science
  • Bachelor of Rural Science
  • Dr Janelle Wilkes
  • Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business
  • Professor Caroline Gross

  • Bachelor of Ecology. No new students will be admitted to this course after 2015.
  • Dr Kip Werren

  • Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Laws
  • Professor Darren Ryder

  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology
  • Professor Jeremy Bruhl

  • Bachelor of Plant Science. No new students will be admitted to this course after 2017
  • Dr Karl Vernes

  • Bachelor of Zoology
  • A/Prof Susan Wilson
  • Bachelor of Science (SERS) Honours
  • A/Prof David Backhouse

  • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Agriculture
  • Masters of Environmental Science and Management,
  • Masters of Science in Agriculture
  • Master of Agriculture. No new students will be admitted to this course after 2014.
  • Dr Romina Rader
  • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science
  • Masters of Environmental Science and Management