Units of Study

First Year Units

GEOL110 - Geology and the Environment I
GEOL120 - Geology and the Environment II

First year student field trip

Second Year Units

GEOL202 - Introductory Palaeontology
GEOL206 - Field Mapping and Sedimentology
GEOL207 - Resource Geology and Environmental Issues
GEOL208 - Structural and Metamorphic Geology
GEOL209 - Introductory Optical Mineralogy

Second year student field trips to

Third Year Units

GEOL303 - Exploration and Environmental Geochemistry
GEOL305 - Ore Deposit Geology
GEOL311 - Palaeontology and Stratigraphy
GEOL312 - Geophysics and Applied GIS for Earth Sciences
GEOL313 - Environmental Geology
GEOL314 - Geological Field Mapping
GEOL315 - Vertebrate Palaeontology
ERS381 - Project Report

Third year student trip to Broken Hill and sample collection

Honours and Postgraduate Coursework Units

GEOL400 - Honours in Geology
ERS501 - Applied Research Skills in Environmental and Rural Sciences
SCI500 - Research Methods in the Sciences