Bachelor of Animal Science

Understanding the science of livestock production, wildlife management, or horses and dogs.

Society is dependent on animals for companionship, food production and healthy wildlife. In the Bachelor of Animal Science you will learn the science that underpins managing animals and specialise in the application of animal science to areas that most interest you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I study at school?

You need a sound knowledge of mathematics, and we recommend you study biology and/or chemistry.

Can I apply for early entry?

Yes, all Year 12 and some TAFE students can apply directly to UNE for Direct Early Entry before your results are released.

How do I apply to study at UNE?

Admission options and applications

Hear from Kelly Gorter, a 4th year UNE Animal Science student


Enquiries about studying animal science at UNE can be made to:

For general and administrative enquiries, AskUNE.