Quality of Life: People with Intellectual Disability and Terminal Illness

Pictures of people with disabilities 

We are interested in finding out the experiences of people with intellectual disabilities who have died whether suddenly, after a short illness, or after a long illness.

We want to find out about the care and services received by the person, you and other staff and residents, his/her family and friends in the last months of the person's life.

The information you give will help us improve care for people with intellectual disabilities who are dying, and for staff, other residents and his/her family and friends. We will be able to use this information to make comparisons with the general population and so the information here is important.

We are very interested in what you have to say about the last months and weeks of a person's life.

Your answers to these questions will be treated as strictly confidential. We would appreciate your input.

If you have any troubles or questions please call 02 6773 3418.

Or email:

Dr Stuart Wark swark5@une.eud.au

Peta Ryan pryan9@une.edu.au