International Exchange Opportunities

Student Exchange Opportunity – Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

An Exchange program is in place between the Karolinska Institutet (KI), Stockholm, Sweden and the Joint Medical Program (JMP) for a Year 4, Semester long (24cp) unit in the Bachelor of Medicine – JMP. The Exchange will occur in the Spring Semester (January) at the Karolinska Institute (which is Semester 1 in the JMP).  There are two Exchange positions on offer for current Year 3 UNE students who will be enrolling in MEDI 4015 Women’s Adolescents’ and Children’s Health unit in Semester 1.

Application forms will be available on the Exchange and Study Abroad website. Students are required to lodge an application via email to, accompanied by:

  1. A personal statement of 500 words as to why you would like to go, what you will achieve and how this will impact on your career;
  2. An academic reference; and,
  3. A personal reference.

Applications will be assessed by current MEDI 4015 course coordinators.

Successful applicants will then be responsible for obtaining official approval from their Home Institution as well as seeking admission and enrolment at the Host Institution.  Further information about this process will be made available to you if you are one of the two successful applicants.  Exchange students are also responsible for the costs of: travel to and from the Host Institution; books and stationery; travel documentation, including passport and visas; accommodation and living expenses; health insurance relevant to the country of the Host Institution; and all other costs incurred during the exchange.

Visit UNE International for more information about exchange and study abroad opportunities.