Psychology Research Seminar Series

UNE's Psychology discipline presents several research seminars each year. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

2015 seminars

Individual abstracts can be found by following the link on the seminar title.

DatePresenterSeminar title
13 March 2015

Associate Professor Sarah Blunden, Australian Centre for Education and Sleep, University of Adelaide

The Impact of Sleep on Neuropsychological, Psychosocial and Physiological Factors in School Aged Children: Consequences for Learning and School Performance

24 April 2015

Dr Ellen MacEachen, University of Waterloo (Canada)

Is It Our Laws that Make Us Too Ill and Old to Work? A Canadian View on the Problem of Work Disability Policy in an Ageing and Precarious Workforce

26 June 2015

Professor Bill Noble, Psychology UNE

Experience of Stroke

27 August 2015

Dr Brock Bastian, University of New South Wales

The Moral Psychology of Resource Use

18 September 2015

Associate Professor Winnifred Louis, University of Queensland

Collective Self-Regulation: New Problems and a Research Agenda

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2014 seminars

A playlist of recordings of these seminars is below.