Evaluation of Healthy Lifestyles program at Coledale Community Centre

Project aim

The project aims to evaluate a Healthy Lifestyles program being implemented at the Coledale Health and Education Clinic in Tamworth. A pre- and post-design evaluation will determine whether an active lifestyle and nutrition program will increase the physical activity and health status of participants and whether improving parental nutritional knowledge and the availability of fresh food will result in the improved dietary intake and improved body mass index in adults and improved weight for age in children.


Participants recruited into the program will receive educational information at a 2-3 hour workshop, and receive a weekly supply of fresh fruit and vegetables at a reduced rate (or free depending on assessed need) over a 6- month period. In addition to the nutrition component, adults will be invited to attend a 6-month health initiative program designed to promote access and increase health and wellness among participants through the provision of education, support, community engagement and physical activity. The health initiative program will provide access to free weekly health education, a supervised physical activity program and an informal yarning session to promote community engagement and social connectedness.


  • Study design
  • Recruitment

Healthy Lifestyles program is currently awaiting Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council ethics committee approval before the project can begin.

Project personnel

Principal Investigator
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