Coledale Health and Education Clinic Research Projects

The Coledale Health and Education Clinic in West Tamworth was developed in partnership with Wallhallow Aboriginal Corporation and the University of New England, School of Health.

The clinic was established to increase access to quality health care services for members of the Coledale community, and to provide nursing students with innovative clinical opportunities and experiences in regional NSW, with an emphasis on community engagement, interprofessional practice, leadership and client-centred care.

The clinic opened in March 2013 and in the first year, services increased from one day a week to three days a week due to community demand. The clinic now operates five days a week and provides a drop-in health care service, student-led health promotion and education initiatives, and community outreach. The clinic caters for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal clients although around 70% of the clients are Aboriginal. Through clinical placements, nursing students come to understand the burden of chronic disease in this population and gain an appreciation of culturally appropriate health promotion campaigns.

Currently, the Coledale Health and Education Clinic is a multidisciplinary service consisting of Practice Nurses, General Practitioners, Aboriginal Health Workers, and provides an Ante Natal Clinic, Immunisation Clinic, Mental Health Services, Sexual Health services, and a needle and syringe program.

Researchers from the University of New England School of Health undertake research projects with the Coledale community in partnership with Walhallow Aboriginal Corporation, and in conjunction with staff at the Coledale Clinic. Research undertaken with the Coledale community focuses on gaining knowledge to improve or resolve the health issues facing the community and to promote positive wellbeing. Current research projects include a focus on reducing the risk of illness through a health initiative and exploring levels of resilience in Aboriginal adolescents, families, and communities. More information about these projects and others can be found by clicking on the links below.