Dr Yoni Luxford

As an academic, and health care professional Yoni brings a depth of curiosity, experience and commitment to person centred care, social justice and interprofessional practice in health care to her undergraduate and postgraduate teaching as well as research and research higher degree supervision. Her professional background as a registered nurse and midwife with qualifications in social work, primary health care, and vocational and tertiary education, supported work with a diverse range of students and projects. Yoni's practice experience includes rural and remote health care, community health care, women’s health, Aboriginal health and maternity services. Managing and collaborating in projects with the aim of developing partnerships between health and education sectors to meet the changing needs of health service provision in Australia, together with her experience of curriculum development has supported her to enhance courses and learning strategies to meet rapidly changing community and practice needs.

Yoni's main research interests and expertise includes:

  • Ageing, wellness and integrated care
  • Culture and communication
  • Gender and the body in health and illness
  • Health promotion and community practice
  • Learning and teaching in health practice
  • Maternal and women’s health
  • Rural health and workforce development
  • Sexuality and health care

Yoni's main methodological expertise includes:

  • Qualitative
  • Discourse analysis, critical analysis, feminist methodologies
  • Action research
  • Ethnography
  • Oral History
  • Life story, poetics, arts in health
  • Mixed methods

Student to completion (PhD) (MHons), (BHons)

Number: 19

Contact details

Phone: +61 2 6773 2547

Email: yoni.luxford@une.edu.au